About Solidyne

Solidyne Australasia Pty Ltd was established in Victoria around June 1991, importing Direct Digital controllers from Solidyne in the USA.

The Head office was relocated to Queensland in 1998 and now has installed many sites all over Australia and overseas.

A growing export market to Asia and the Middle East has attributed to strong sales growth along with continual development and improvement to existing products.

Our web based products have launched the company ahead of the opposition with more powerful and lower cost Internet accessible modules as well as arguably the best compact Direct Digital controller on the market today.

The new range of BACnet controls and Modbus to BACnet conversion modules now satisfy customers and consultants needs for a truly open protocol with no site licence fees or on-going costs.

Solidyne Mission

1. To anticipate the needs of the markets we serve.

2. To create technologies that will enhance the performance of our products for our customers and end users.

3. To create next generation products and services that will keep our customers at the forefront of the industries they serve.

4. To provide unparalleled products, delivery, engineering, and customer support.