WTS-DB-RH : Wall Mount Temperature Sensor, LED display with light level & Humidity Sensor

$740.00$592.00 (excl GST)

Description : (Can only be used with M2 Controller)

  • Built in 3-digit large character LED display.
  • Comfort level set and displayed by multi-color LEDs.
  • Built in ambient light level sensors can be used for lighting and temperature control.
  • Built in “UP, DOWN and ENTER” buttons.
  • ±0.5% accuracy thermistor type sensor (10KOhms)
  • After hours occupancy programmable.
  • Dual RJ45 built in connectors for fast and easy wiring.
  • Standard wire terminal.
  • Humidity sensor.
  • Light level sensor.


Wall sensor with LED display, Light & Humidity sensor.

This product can only be used with the M2 controllers.

Connects to controller via 1 x RJ45 plug.