(Dealer) ICMS V5.0 : Communication Software M2 Bacnet Network

Description :

  • V5 required for the new M2-BACnet controllers.
  • Backward compatible with all previous model controllers.
  • Sets up networks, English point descriptions.
  • Configures schedules.
  • Develop programs and control algorithms for each network controller.
  • Configures controller inputs/outputs and other network parameters
  • Retrieves data from its database to sends to a network.
  • Stores data retrieved from the network in CSV files.
  • User software access security with built in password protection.
  • Dynamic graphics user interface.
  • Live¬†update operating firmware for M2 and M2V Controllers.


Windows “All in one software”. Complete with programming, Graphical & spread sheet monitoring, data logging, Alarm Event recording and History, scheduling.

Windows based software, requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1, 10.

Pricing structure depends on the site requirments, please contact us for pricing.